Does SNHU Provide Laptops?

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is a well-known institution offering a variety of online and on-campus programs. As with the increasing reliance on technology for academic success, many prospective students often wonder, Does SNHU provide laptops? This article gonna answer that question and provide insights into the options available for students in need of a laptop.

Does SNHU Provide Free Laptops?

The straightforward answer is no, SNHU does not provide free laptops to its students. While some universities include a laptop as part of their tuition package, SNHU has opted for a different approach.

Instead of providing free laptops, SNHU has partnered with tech giants Dell and Apple to offer special discounts to its students.

Benefits of the SNHU Approach

While the absence of free laptops may seem like a drawback, SNHU’s approach has its benefits:

  1. Choice of Hardware: Students are not restricted to a specific model and can choose a laptop that suits their needs and preferences.
  2. Quality Assurance: Dell and Apple are renowned for their quality products, ensuring that students invest in reliable technology.
  3. Financial Flexibility: By not bundling the cost of a laptop into tuition fees, SNHU provides financial flexibility to students who may already own a laptop or prefer a different purchasing route.

How to Avail of the Discounts


  1. Visit Dell’s website dedicated to SNHU students.
  2. Browse through the available models and offers.
  3. Make a purchase using your SNHU email to avail of the discount.


  1. Visit Apple’s education store online.
  2. Select SNHU from the list of educational institutions.
  3. Browse through the available MacBooks and iPads to find a device that suits your needs.


If you’re not interested in Dell or Apple products, you’re free to purchase a laptop from any location or reseller. Just make sure to check the minimum hardware requirements specified by SNHU for your course.


While SNHU may not provide free laptops, its partnership with Dell and Apple offers a valuable alternative. Students have the freedom to choose a device that fits their needs while taking advantage of special discounts.

So, if you’re planning to enroll in SNHU, rest assured that you have multiple options to stay technologically equipped for your academic journey.

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