How to Check the Grade Needed to Pass a Class on Mysnhu?

Are you a student at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) and wondering how to check the grade needed to pass a class? Look no further, as this guide will walk you through the steps of checking your required grade on Mysnhu.

Accessing MySNHU

Step 1: Log in to the Portal

To begin, you must log in to the MySNHU portal. Visit the MySNHU website and enter your SNHU username and password. If you encounter any issues logging in, consider resetting your password or contacting IT support for assistance.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Course Information

Once logged in, navigate to the “My Courses” section. Here, you will see a list of your current and past courses. Select the course for which you want to check the required passing grade.

Understanding Your Course Requirements

Step 1: Review the Syllabus

The course syllabus is a crucial document that outlines all grading policies and requirements. It typically specifies the breakdown of how each assignment, test, and activity contributes to your final grade. Review the syllabus to understand the components of your course grade.

Step 2: Check Specific Grade Requirements

Some courses may have specific passing requirements, such as a mandatory passing grade on final projects or exams.

Ensure you are aware of any such stipulations as they can significantly impact your ability to pass the course.

Using Grade Calculators

Step 1: Access the Grade Calculator

MySNHU often provides tools or links to grade calculators. These can be found either directly on the course page or in the academic resources section.

If MySNHU does not offer a built-in calculator, you can use external grade calculator websites by inputting the weights of different graded components as outlined in your syllabus.

Step 2: Input Your Current Grades

Enter your current grades into the calculator along with the weight of each grade component (e.g., assignments, exams, participation). This will give you an overview of your current standing in the class.

Step 3: Calculate Required Grades

To find out what grades you need on remaining assignments or tests to pass the class, adjust the upcoming grades in the calculator. This will show you the minimum scores you need to achieve to reach the passing threshold.

Monitoring Your Progress

Regularly Check Your Grades

Make it a habit to regularly check your grades on MySNHU. This will help you stay aware of your academic performance and identify any areas where you might need improvement.

Seek Help If Needed

If you find yourself struggling to achieve the necessary grades, consider seeking help. SNHU provides various resources such as tutoring services, counseling, and academic advising. Utilizing these resources can provide you with the additional support needed to succeed.


In conclusion, checking the grade needed to pass a class on MySNHU is a relatively simple process.

By accessing your course information, understanding your requirements, and utilizing tools such as grade calculators, you can monitor your progress and ensure you are on track to achieve a passing grade.

Remember to regularly check your grades and seek help if needed to stay on top of your academic performance.

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