What are the SNHU Resources

At Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), we believe that education should be accessible to everyone. That’s why SNHU offer a wide range of resources to support our students throughout their academic journey.

Whether you need help with your coursework, career development, or personal challenges, their dedicated staff and comprehensive resources are here to help.

Academic Enrichment Tools

  1. Shapiro Library: This isn’t just a library; it’s your gateway to a world of knowledge. With an impressive collection of materials, databases, and ebooks, plus expert librarians available 24/7, you’ll find everything you need and more. Personalized consultations are just a click away from SNHU’s Library Guide.
  2. Writing Support Center: Whether it’s refining an essay or mastering grammar, our Writing Support Center is here to help. Benefit from our online and in-person workshops, or get one-on-one advice and feedback on your assignments.
  3. Academic Success Center: Do you need help with a course? The Academic Success Center is your go-to place. From tutoring to study skills workshops and academic coaching.
  4. Career Services: Think of our Career Services team as your career navigators. From resume writing to interview prep and job search strategies, They help you connect with potential employers through various events.

Personal Growth and Support

  1. Wellness Center: Your mental and physical health matters. At SNHU Wellness Center, you’ll find counseling services, support groups, and workshops focusing on stress management, nutrition, and healthy relationships.
  2. Disability Services: SNHU provides comprehensive support for students with disabilities, ensuring you have the necessary accommodations, academic support, and access to technology.
  3. Student Activities and Leadership: Participate in clubs, organizations, and student government to hone your leadership skills, make lasting friendships, and find new passions.
  4. Spiritual Life: SNHU interfaith center offers a safe space to explore and deepen your faith, engage in religious services, and join meaningful conversations in a welcoming environment.

Professional Development and Networking

  1. Education and Professional Studies: Looking to upskill or change your career paths? SNHU offers a variety of courses and professional certificates, both online and on-campus. You can check it out.
  2. Alumni Network: Connect with their extensive alumni network for mentorship, attend professional events, and build relationships that will help advance your career.
  3. Online Learning Resources: Improve your digital literacy and professional skills with our online courses, tutorials, and workshops, designed to keep you ahead in the digital world.

SNHU’s Student Portals

  • SNHU Student Success Center Portal: Find personalized recommendations and a wealth of resources tailored to your academic program and needs.
  • Open Educational Resources (OER): You can access a curated collection of free learning materials to support your studies.
  • Explore the World: Broaden your horizons with our study abroad programs, global internships, and service-learning projects.

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