What is my SNHU student ID?

Your Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) student ID is a unique identification number assigned to you upon your admission to the university. This ID serves multiple purposes:

  1. Identification: It distinguishes you from other students and is often required for administrative processes.
  2. Access to Resources: Your student ID may be used to access various university services, such as the library, computer labs, and other campus facilities.
  3. Online Services: Some online platforms provided by SNHU may require your student ID for login or verification.
  4. Exams and Assessments: You may need to provide your student ID during exams or other assessments for identification purposes.

How to Find Your SNHU Student ID

Here are some common ways to find your SNHU student ID:

  • Admission Documents: Your student ID is usually included in your admission documents, such as your acceptance letter or enrollment package.
  • Online Portal (MySNHU): You can find your student ID by logging into the MySNHU portal. It’s often displayed on the dashboard or in the profile/settings section.
  • Student Card: If you are an on-campus student, your student ID will be printed on your student card.
  • Administrative Offices: You can also obtain your student ID by contacting the Registrar’s Office or Student Services.
  • Email Communication: Check any official emails from SNHU, as they may include your student ID for reference.

If you’re unable to find your student ID using these methods, it’s best to contact the university’s support services for assistance.

Note: Keep your student ID confidential and do not share it with anyone to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information and university resources.

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